Founders Connect is bridging the gap between the ecosystem and its people.

We are a community of black builders: creators building their brands, tech professionals building their careers, founders building their startups and the investors who bet on them.

Across the world, we organise podcast live shows, conferences and networking mixers to connect our audience and community in person.

We started with storytelling and are always going to be telling stories. From YouTube to your favourite podcast platforms, listen to the stories of African builders.

Our numbers

3 years and still counting, we keep growing.

In 2021, we published our first episode, since then, the show has featured tens of founders and talents building for Africa and disapora and has evolved to more than a YouTube show.

Our Content

We create and share awesome content across various channels like YouTube Videos, Podcast, and Newsletters.

2x Unicorn founder of Andela and Flutterwave. E' shared a lot about how he grew up, starting Andela, Flutterwave and the Future Africa Fund.

This is a streamlined version of the production timeline of #InnovatingAfricaDocumentary and all the people who supported this project.

Listen to Damilare Ogunleye teach effective networking tips that can help you build relationships with anyone.

Meet our Chief Storyteller

In addition to her work leading marketing teams for companies focused on Africa and emerging markets, Peace Itimi is a teacher and YouTuber, with a channel featuring hundreds of videos on business, marketing and life lessons from founders and others on journeys of self-discovery. Itimi is also an active angel investor and a growth consultant and mentor for startup founders.

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We tried to answer all your burning questions.

How did Founders Connect begin?

We started as a YouTube show featuring hour-long interviews with key African founders and talents who share their stories, from childhood to getting into tech and all the lessons they have learned in thier journey. But we have now evolved to be more than a YouTube show; we have become a thriving community with events and online engagements.

How can I participate?

Good question. Please subscribe to your YouTube or podcast channels, attend any of our events, and, more importantly, join the online community for exclusive AMAs, global chapter mixers, growth programs and more.

What does partnership look like?

We have many partnership opportunities: You could feature on the show, sponsor an event in any of our cities, partner to curate a growth program, host a webinar, and so much more. Please contact

Still have questions?

Feel free to reach out